Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Welcome to Sacred Heart / St. Benedict Parish Faith Formation!  Whether you are coming for the first time or have participated in the past, we are excited to have you with us.  We are committed in our partnership with you, parents and guardians, in the Catholic faith formation of your children.  We at Sacred Heart / St. Benedict Catholic Parish, offer a variety of catechetical processes for the religious education and faith formation of our community’s children and youth of all ages.

Preparation for the sacraments of First Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation is a part of everyone’s faith journey.  Continued participation in a faith formation process is available and intended to be continual in the life of your child to provide them with the tools he or she needs on their journey toward their life as a disciple of Christ.

Catechetical processes used in our parish are developed for your children in accordance with their age and readiness levels.  Coming into the process for the sole purpose of sacramental preparation and leaving immediately after will deprive your child of the faith formation they deserve.  Current processes are structured in such a way that they build on one another, providing the well rounded religious and moral formation you wish for your child.  A child that “drops in and out” of the formation process is faced with much “catching up” to do when they re-enter for sacramental preparation.  It is our hope that you will consider this when evaluating your child’s religious formation.  Please accept our invitation, to you and your family, to be an integral part of our religious formation community throughout your child’s school years.

There are many processes offered for our parish children and youths in which we emphasize prayer, scripture, liturgy, community service and social justice.  We encourage you to become active in the faith formation of our parish children by volunteering your time and talents in any of our religious education processes.

We look forward to spending time with you and your children as we all journey in discipleship.